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Van Nuys Attorney for Restraining Orders

We at The Law Offices of Bruce Richland, have proved several times to be expert restraining order attorneys. Our Family Law lawyers are incredibly experienced in family law courts in Van Nuys and Los Angeles, especially when it comes to restraining order cases. We understand the consequences of restraining orders can be tremendous. Our firm knows how to win restraining order cases. Whether you are defending against a potential restraining order or you need a restraining order issued, our restraining order lawyers can immediately help you. 

We have faced countless days in court fighting vigorously to defend your safety. We understand these cases, inside and out. Our experience, skills, and success rates prove we know exactly how to handle restraining order cases.

The State of California has strict laws related to domestic violence, including restraining orders. These laws are incredibly helpful when it comes to keeping people safe, but these laws can also be damaging to those falsely accused of domestic violence. The consequences of having a restraining order issues against you can be detrimental and life altering. This includes increasing child support obligations, loss of child custody, difficulty finding jobs, the inability to legally own a firearm, and more. To avoid a horrible mark on your record, or to protect your future and safety, get in touch with us at The Law Offices of Bruce Richland in Los Angeles. Your future may depend on our expertise.