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Criminal Defense and Domestic Violence Attorney in Los Angeles

As a criminal defense attorney who serves the people of Downtown Los Angeles and Van Nuys, Bruce Richland dedicates much of his time protecting the constitutional rights of those being investigated or prosecuted by the government. He has willingly undertaken those who lacked the resources to profressional and legal help. He handles all of his cases with confidence and expertise from many years of experience. Through his experienced advocacy and representation, Bruce has saved clients' businesses and their professions. He has dismissed numerous cases, helped clients' with sentence-mitigation and successfully expunged criminal records during his career.

For any criminal defense cases, early intervention by an experienced and knowledgeable attorney is crucial. To build the strongest possible cases for both individuals and commercial clients, the staff of Law Offices of Bruce Richland, PC regularly collaborate with forensic scientists and other experts for their specialized expertise.

Quality trial skills combined with background knowledge of the Courtroom and assertive representation are key components that give him Bruce Richland his stellar reputation nationwide. Committed to providing the highest level of legal representation available, Bruce Richland and his team handle each case with prompt attention to detail. The Law Offices of Bruce Richland, PC hires full-time, multi-lingual support staff to maintain clear and effective communication for each client during the lifetime of his or her case.

Though majority of clientel are from California, the Law Offices of Bruce Richland, PC are not limited to serving just one state. They have defended clients from cross the nation. For those that may face charges for services received from out-of-state locations, Bruce Richland and his team will sure that all of those charges are defended during Court.

If you are facing criminal charges or under an investigation that is threatenening your livelihood and/or freedom, contact the Law Offices of Bruce Richland to schedule a confidential consultation with criminal defense attorney. For a prompt response, you can call the office at 818-626-3100 or e-mail Bruce Richland directly at